What beloved all-American flavor was invented in 1905 by an 11-year old boy from San Francisco? Wrong! It’s Orange & Cream! Columbus may have introduced oranges and cows to the Americas in 1493 (his second voyage as the first one had some hiccups), but it took another 400 years for a pre-teen to conjure the Orange & Cream flavor. Fortunately, America only had to wait another century for the new, amazing Orange & Cream Cakebite. Three layers of bite-sized, moist orange and vanilla cake, bound by a velvety, indulgent creme l’orange, with a drizzle of sweet white frosting atop a coating of orange icing. Who needs the ice cream man and why wait? Our Orange & Cream Cakebites are available now and while this Cakebite won’t melt, this treat is only available for a limited time. Take a bite out of an American classic; enjoy an Orange & Cream Cakebite.

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