Meet Ty, an all American chill tiger, born in captivity but escaped in the 70s where he seems to have acquired his style (what’s with the moustache?) and a taste for the good life. Being the King of the Jungle is hard work, but being the King of CakeBites, for a tiger with a sweet tooth? Purrfect! Sure, Ty could forage the countryside for meals but rabbits are nimble and people generally travel in cars. Ty prefers a quick trip to his favorite retailer for a Made in America Tiger Cake: chocolate cream, layered with vanilla and chocolate cake, enrobed in vanilla frosting and topped with Ty’s very own tiger stripes. It’s the cat’s meow! Like Ty, Tiger Cakes are on the go; so grab a box while you can. And please take Ty’s advice, if you want to pet a cat, pick up some Tiger Cakes on the way to your local shelter and consider adoption. Share the love and the Tiger Cakes!

Meet Darlene, a hard-working, southern tiger with a fondness for cake. She likes sunsets, country tunes and slow-running possums. A southern belle with a big heart; she is a lover, not a hunter. When she needs a treat, she stalks the sweet cake aisle. Her prey? A Made in America Kitten Cake: layers of party cake between raspberry jelly, wrapped in white chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles. The cat is out of the bag! Pick up a box of Kitten Cakes before they disa-purr. And please listen to Darlene, if you want to pet a kitten, pick up some Kitten Cakes on the way to your local shelter and consider adoption. Share the love and the Kitten Cakes!

Family 4 Packs

Family 4 Packs

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