Intimidated? You should be as Kobra Kenny shows no mercy when it comes to people messing with his Cobra Kakes. I hope you didn’t take the last box!! Kenny is an emotionally challenged, Karate teaching snake known to sliver into a beer bottle or three. But, Kenny is no snake in the grass; he prefers cruising in his muscle car, listening to 80s pop-rock and indulging his sweet fang with a Cobra Kake. The newest addition to our grab and go Cakebite dojo: a rich vanilla cake, layered over marshmallow cream, dipped in dark chocolate coating and covered in karate sprinkles (marketing needs a raise). There is no losing with a CakeBite. Kenny likes to say “Cobra Kakes for life” but Kenny’s not too bright as Cobra Kakes are only available for a limited time. So, be a winner and pick up a box of Cobra Kakes before their season comes to an end.

Meet Benny Bonsai, an undersized east coast tree living on the West Coast and indulging in his true love: Karate. A sensei with a big heart and a bigger house, Benny has mastered the round-house kick and the ability to make a lot of money while hardly working. That’s why Benny loves our new Bonsai Bites: layers of blueberry cake and pound cake, bound by a sweet blueberry spread, enrobed in white icing and topped with blueberry sprinkles. After a long day of trying to be calm, yet engaging in never-ending street fights, Benny needs his balance and he finds it with an evening curled up on the sofa, binging on his favorite TV shows and finding bliss in a Bonsai Bite. Find your balance, chill with a Bonsai Bite.

Family 4 Packs

Family 4 Packs

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